Is Zuubly legit? You might wanna read this.

So you’re looking for Zuubly reviews, huh?

And here you are. On Landscape Design Of Boca.

This is yet another one of our online rental properties.

Which proves two things.

One, we practice what we preach.

Two, it works — or else you wouldn’t be here.

In fact, this is now the second time you found us by doing a Google search.


First you ran into Zuubly.

(Probably by searching for a review of another course or coaching program.)

Then you wanted to see if Zuubly was legit.

So you went back to Google, did another search.

This time for “zuubly” or “zuubly review” or “zuubly reviews” or “is zuubly legit” or something similar, right?

And now here you are.

On yet another little website we rent out to a small biz owner.

In yet another niche.

In yet another city.

So when we say this is wide open, that’s because it is.

And when we say this is simple (but not easy), that’s because it is.

None of these sites are anything special.

A lot of them aren’t even ranked number one.

(Including this one.)

They’re just somewhere on page one for a handful of search terms.

And that’s good enough.

They still produce plenty of emails and calls.

And some of those people end up buying.

Which makes our clients money.

They pay us a small percentage… to keep the results coming.

Do me a favor.

Open up a new tab, sign out of all things Google (so the search results are accurate).

Type in “landscape design boca raton.”

Hit enter.

You should see this site third in the Maps Pack (or local listings or whatever you wanna call it):

Landscape Design Company Boca Raton FL

And then a second time, about halfway down page one:

Zuubly Results

I mean, it’s not even that impressive.

We should probably circle back, put a little more TLC into it, get it to number one.

But even still, it produced eighty-nine calls in the last month:

Landscape Design Calls Boca Raton FL

So the landscape design company we teamed up with’s totally cool renting those results.

And we can feel good about the work we do, knowing it’s making a difference.

Everyone wins.

Look, no business is perfect.

Including ours.

But all things considered, it’s pretty damn good.

It’s doable, even for the average person.

It’s ethical.

It’s affordable: if you’ve got five hundred bucks, you’ve got enough to launch.

It’s sustainable: you own and control everything; no one can take it away from you.

And it actually produces passive income.

Sure, you have to work hard at first, but it’s very much worth it.

At the local (city) level, these sites tend to stay ranked for months or even years without being touched.

As long as the biz owner keeps paying, all you gotta do is keep an eye on things… and keep collecting checks.

Now, not all biz owners are gonna stay around forever.

That is one of the downsides.

But because we own the asset (the website), it’s not a big deal.

You just find someone else in that city who wants more business, and reroute the emails and calls to them.

Our software does this — for you — in just a few clicks.

So assuming you pick the right niche and city and get ranked, each simple little website should earn you a hands-free “rent check” for a long time to come.

Cynics may say: “Oh, they’re full of it; SEO takes 6-12 months to rank!”

Yeah, maybe for keywords like “lose weight fast” or “best dropshipping course” or “affordable auto insurance.”

Those are cutthroat search terms where you’re competing against millions of websites on a global level.

That’s not what we do.

We’re shooting layups, not heaving half court shots.

“Best landscape design company in Boca Raton, Florida” is like 1/1,000th as competitive.

You just have to beat out the other landscape companies in that area, right?

And there’s only so many of them.

And none of them have been doing this for nearly a decade like we have.

So I think you’d be surprised.

We’ve literally gotten some of these brand new sites to the bottom of page one in a matter of days.

Worst case, yeah, you might wait a few weeks.

But again, that’s why niche and city selection is so important.

And then, once you nail that, remember, we have an unfair advantage.

A thriving community of awesome people who are now doing this, working together, helping one another get ranked in record time.

Think about it.

If you know anything about SEO, you know it basically comes down to two things.

One, what you say on the page.

And two, backlinks (which you can think of as “votes”).

Well, writing about the stuff you wanna rank for is easy; anyone can do it.

Getting votes is a little harder — unless, of course, you happen to have some friends who can hook you up.

Which we do.

Now imagine you join Zuubly…

And you’re like, “You know what? Landscape design does seem like a pretty cool niche… and it’s high ticket… so each lead is worth a lot!”

“Maybe I’ll do that too,” you reason.

So you set one up, but you do it in Carlsbad, California.

‘Cause why compete with me when you don’t have to?

Now you need a powerful, relevant backlink (vote), right?

Gee, if only you knew someone. *Wink.

I could point a backlink to your site as soon as you say the word.

Days later, you might jump from bottom of page four to top of page two.

Just. Like. That.

Now hit up another Zuubly member, get another vote, pop to page one.

This is just one of many advantages of doing this with a (rapidly-growing) team of experts.

We can trade favors, scratch one another’s backs.

But anyway…

I don’t wanna keep ya here all day.

I just hope this confirmed, in your mind, how awesome this model is.

If so, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down?

Assuming you’re a good person…



Not just in this for a big income, but also to have an impact?

Head back to

And submit your application.

(Start on the About page, and go through everything carefully, first, though, okay?)

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