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Are you looking to create the best yard in Boca Raton FL? Or better yet, how about in all of Palm Beach County? Our landscaping design is second to none!

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Backyard Lighting

We all know that lighting in the backyard is a must! This is probably the most important detail to make your yard really pop! Also, it’s great for safety and also so no one trips and falls down on your property. You don’t want to be responsible for other’s safety, so call us for your lighting needs all of over PBC.

Bush Trimming & Planting

Most Floridians like some bushes near their house or maybe down a sidewalk. If you don’t have any bushes, let us plant some for you! If you already have some planted, then they probably need trimmed. We trim bushes and clean up the mess after we are done.

Water Features

You can really set your back or front yard apart with a water fountain, koi pond, bird feeder or even pool feature in your swimming pool. We can design your piece however you like or we also have lots of distributors that we can buy from and install for you.

Once a Month

Our lawn service in Boca Raton is the best, hands down. If you just need your lawn mowed, trimmed or planted, we are your company to call! We offer landscape  maintenance on a weekly, monthly or even just a one-time lawn service!

Sprinkler & Drip System Installation: 

A drip system is a must if you are striving to have even a decent look to the outdoor s of your home. We love flowers, trees, shrubs and bushes, so to keep these alive we need to install a drip system. Our drip systems are efficient and won’t bust your budget. They only come on a few times per day and most of the time you can’t hear them.

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Tree Planting & Removal:

Do you have a flat lot with little to no trees? Do you have palm trees but need them trimmed? Do you have half dead trees that you need removed? If you are in need of any of these tree services, please contact us as we love adding or removing any type of tree or bush to make your backyard the best it can be.

Flower Planting & Design:

Flowers can seem so simple but bright and fresh flowers can really be the difference between an average yard and gorgeous one! We love designing where to plant flowers and what type goes where. We have planted thousands of flowers all of over Boca Raton FL. Let us design your backyard with some colorful flowers and shrubs.

If you were on your computer or phone and searched “landscaping palm beach county or lawn service Boca Raton” we probably popped up near the top as the premier landscape design company in Boca Raton FL. Our crews are trained, licensed and insured so that we provide your residence or commercial property with the best landscaping design in Boca Raton FL!

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We have done landscaping work for residential homeowners, commercial contractors, architects and many more professionals. We also work with several management companies all throughout Boca Raton and Parkland areas. Many different home owner associations (HOA’s).